El Gran Paitití - Sustainability Innovation for the Amazon
Amazonian rainforests continue to be eliminated for cattle ranching, agroindustry and small-scale farming, energy and mining, in spite of international efforts. So far, the immense potentials and value of intact forests have not been fully recognized.

“El Gran Paitití” is a novel approach at diminishing deforestation. Our project will assemble an overview of best practices in forest resources and land management, starting with Bolivia as the pilot country. El Gran Paitití will focus on models of entrepreneurship with promising social and economic benefits. Selected examples from neighboring countries will also be taken into account. We will be encouraged to recognize the long-term capital of forests, as opposed for their destruction for short-term profit.

Results will be published in policy-oriented and field-friendly formats. Insights will also inspire the creation of a multimedia circus and a communications and educational campaign, all of which will bring the rainforest to the mainly urban population.

El Gran Paitití also intends to engage decision-makers and civil society in a vision dialogue regarding the future of Amazonia. Furthermore, it will catalyze innovation by helping to kick-start promising approaches to sustainable land and forest management. After its start in the pilot country, the project may be scaled to other areas.

Current project status: fundraising.
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