Zürich "Wasserweg" exhibition
The Zürich Municipal Water Supply commissioned Geonex to create a permanent open-air exhibition on its groundwater producing facilities situated at the doors of Zürich. The large recreational and sports area that protects the aquifers is in heavy use both for sports and for recreation along the Limmat river. The exhibition aims to raise awareness on water and on the importance of the sports facilities above ground in protecting the main groundwater resources below them. The exhibition consists of a total of 14 metal art objects used to display the information panels.

Overall concept, content, production: Geonex
Copywriter: Thomas Schwander, Die Texter
Design and production of metal constructions: Dominique Ficht
Illustrations: Christian Meyer zu Ermgassen
Graphic Design: Annegreth Schärli, Rahel Arnold
Collaborative design workshop: Lelandesign, Sonja Schenkel
Geonex   Hopfenstrasse 10   CH-8045 Zürich   +41 (0)44 461 0403