About Martin Moll
Visual communications and environmental sciences have both attracted me throughout my life. One of the main questions that drove me was: How do we as humans relate with our home planet Earth and its life systems? How can we shape this relationship in more harmonious ways?

This fascination drove me to study geography, with an MSc on climate change and deforestation in Bolivia, which led to a long-lasting engagement in development cooperation and research projects.

The career in visual communications started with photography studies and 8 years in professional photography, which was followed by over 20 years as a film and visual media producer. Under the umbrella of Geonex we have had the pleasure to work for international aid and cooperation agencies, enterprises, research institutions, NGO’s and municipalities.

My focus is to help clients communicate great ideas and knowledge, while also striving to make these ideas lead to sustainable change.
Geonex   Hopfenstrasse 10   CH-8045 Zürich   +41 (0)44 461 0403